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Trees with roots

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We have a selection of Christmas trees for you to plant in your garden, you can come to the farm and choose it in the field, or we can choose it for you, we will dig it up and deliver it at a time to suit you, but before the end of March as the tree can only be dug up and replanted in the dormant season.

if planting in a pot, you will need a very big pot, bigger the better, and choose a smaller tree.

maximum size recommended is 5ft, however we can do bigger upto 8ft but the survival rate is much lower and there is no guarantee.

you will need good free draining soil, waterlogged or heavy clay is unsuitable.

the hole will need to be at least 18” deep and 3ft across, if you choose a Nordman you will need another 2 ft deep hole in the centre for the taproot.

The tree needs to be planted firmly and ensure the soil is tight around the roots.

water in spring and summer, especially if it’s hot and dry, feed in spring and early summer.

more advice will be given when you purchase a tree.

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